Day #1: Fairy Penguinos animation journal

This is day one of the Fairy Penguins series animation development. Just chronicling the challenges, successes of creating an independent animated series. Also notes to help me remember things.

I actually began work on the Fairy Penguinos at the end of January this year by creating the logo of the series. The logo shows up in the introduction as well as on artwork. Then, I worked on the scripts and the backgrounds and concept art throughout February. This month, today, I began to plunge into animating.

For reference, I have absolutely no experience animating anything other than in high school I made a few short sketchy animations. However, I have read up on animating tips before I began this project, and since I simply have a ton of experience drawing in general, it shouldn't be too painful.

The first thing to animate for the series is the introduction sequence. I estimate the introduction will be about 25-30 seconds long. A total of 720 frames all of which will be hand drawn (the actual series won't be frame by frame). So that's quite massive, but thank goodness for the copy and paste tool.

I've already drawn the background of the stage, but there isn't much animation going on in that besides some sparkles and the light getting brigh with a fade in for the logo. My first challenge is drawing the curtains. I use references to see how curtains on a stage move back to open up the stage. At first, I thought about drawing the frames on paint tool sai. Bad mistake. No onion skins and it's just a pain. Second, tried to do them in Adobe Illustrator but it's not really viable for hand drawn.

So I find it's a lot easier to do in Adobe Animate CC, thanks to onion skinning and easy moving of the drawn frames. I haven't figured out how I am going to paint it but I think the lineart will have a "crayon" type stroke, and there will only be shading to show movement of the curtains.

In day #2, I will be making 3-4 frame bottom of the curtains. Instead of redrawing the bottom, I'll just make a 3-4 frame "flowey" sequence and copy and paste that on each frame like so: 1, 2, 3, 4 - repeat for the remainder of the animation. It's not convenient to draw the bottom because sometimes it doesn't match up. Have a pre-made flow of the bottom of the curtains will look smoother.

Another thing I screwed up is when the curtain is sitting there in some frames when the curtains should always be moving to the left or right no matter what; stage curtains don't stall in the middle so I've got to fix that.

Right now I have done 3 seconds worth, but it is just the basic lineart and a rough draft. The first second and a half is nice and smooth but moving in and it needs some work. So I'll have to fix the lineart after happy with the way the animation overall looks. The left side of the curtain will simply be a copy paste of the right side. No real reason to draw a left side; most people wouldn't notice it since it's going so fast (maximum of 3 - 4 seconds).

Overall, I hope to complete the intro sequence - curtains segment by next week, hopefully.

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