Black and White Illustration Services

One of my specialties is doing black and white hand drawn illustrations. A few examples below to give you an idea of what I do.

Whether it's medical illustrations to something entirely different such as comic/manga style illustrations, I work with any client on what they require.


The process of ordering a black and white illustration is simple.

  1. Review the prices
  2. Contact me with a short introduction and your vision. Provide any materials you want me to look at. More detail is better but if you want to develop it as we form a working relationship that is good as well.

Please review the estimated price range below.

Estimated Prices

30% discount to all new customers
Full black and white illustration: $200
Black and white mini illustration (such as portraits): $100
Multiple illustrations (bulk order) carries a full 10% discount


I strive to provide quick turnaround but I also value quality. I will most certainly meet the demands of your timeline but estimated turnarounds are anywhere from 1-3 days depending on the subject matter. Multiple illustrations of course will be additional time.


For more information and to start building your creation with my skillful and creative services, please contact me!