My portfolio is divided into various sections.

In the Colour area of my portfolio, all my colour artwork from the current and past years are displayed.

The Black and White area contains all my current and prior year artwork in only black and white. This is my personal favourite part of my portfolio, as black and white artwork is my specialty (though I find the majority of people don't value black and white artwork as much as colour).

Design is ... well, the designs I've done that can't be fit in illustrative works.

In Sketches, therein lies: my personal sketches; incomplete artwork; sketches of published, colour and black and white art; and master studies. This segment of my portfolio is to display my composition abilities, learning progress, and the general thought pattern of how I create a piece of work.

Written Images is a special part of my portfolio. I mull over whether this section should be in the miscellaneous area, but due to the nature of written images, it's certainly a portfolio piece. Written images are, in simplistic terms, a picture with prose written somewhere in the drawing. However, it's more complex and meaningful than that ... the prose nor the drawing can exist by itself. They are created together, in no particular order (usually the prose is thought up first however). Written images also differ from illustrations created for the intent of invoking the imagery guided by written text. The closest I could say what a written image is, would be it's something similar to a portrait and Chinese / Japanese traditional prose artwork. It's something I'm developing, so it's in the baby level of artistic style, but I hope to improve the sophistication of written images.