I thought I should add just a little bit more personality to my personal portfolio website. Self-indulgent? Indeed. Distracting? Probably. But hopefully this page is considered a rest stop for those who came here to check out my portfolio.

The cuteness is undeniable ... Meet Aurora's (insert link here) PomPom Penguin plushes! These are easily the best plushies ever created. They've saved my life! They make great gifts! There is a large variety of them!

You may have seen them scattered across stores. The first time I saw them was in 2015, at one of the rest stops that dot New York state's thruway. I didn't think much about them but then I got one as a gift before Christmas! I'd say these are a novelty type of plush toy so it's no wonder they are at a rest stop. You'd probably see them in gift shops too.

This little page is dedicated towards my goal of collecting all PomPom Penguins. And some reviews too linked by my blog ... so check it out!