Prices and Commissions

I enjoy working on projects with other people. This is a general page with estimates of my prices. Contact me today to work together!

NOTE: These are estimates, and I can work with many types of budgets. For example, if you are a non-profit organization, the rates can be lower.

Payment information
Payment is due per our agreement during the initial phase of discussion. Usually I ask for half up front or a deposit, but sometimes, in the case of medical illustrations or highly professional work with a high degree of trust naturally established, or you are from an organization, payment is due after the work has been completed.

Prices will vary depending on what you require. For example, a small portrait bust might only be $50. Generally my work is used for commercial purposes, so a higher price is required. If your work is not for commercial purposes, and solely for your own use, then we can also negotiate.

Most work, I ask gently to be credited in some form, especially if it's for commercial purposes. It will vary on the project and during initial discussion, we can talk about this. Please do not use my work for anything else than what you are using it for. For example, for commercial purposes, do not give my work to someone else to use without permission.

Estimates AS OF DECEMBER 2018 

General Illustrations and Other Works

Small artwork - $25 - 70
Fully Coloured artwork, scenes - $100 +
Black and white - $100 +
Medical Illustrations (B&W) - $250 +
Medical Illustrations (coloured) - $300 +

Design Work

Brochures - $70 +
Logos - $150 +
Album covers and design - $270 + (album design and cover must be credited my name somewhere on the album design)
Vector art - $15 + (really depends on the subject material)
Anything else - Contact

Comic Book

Per Page (BLACK AND WHITE) - $10 - 30
Per Page (COLOUR) - $20 - 40
Cover - $75 - 100
Ask for collaborations. Also comic prices are highly negotiable.

Please support the living of artists, craft workers and creators.
Please don't expect us to work for free. Our work is valuable, requires hard earned skill,
and we work hard to provide grace to everyday life.